Contact Info

Want to get ahold of someone?  Here’s a breakdown of how to do just that!  Below you can find the emails for various positions associated with Gamma Theta!  If you’re looking for information regarding policies or general information contact Stephen Abeyta.  If you would like to find out about how great Gamma Theta is and why/how you can join, or if you would like to join the emailing list, contact Lina and John!  If you are looking for information regarding fundraising or would like to provide information about a fundraising opportunity, contact Stephanie.  If you would like information about the service events we do and/or would like to provide us with opportunities, contact Leigha and Pranathi.  Want information about our largest event (MBU!!!!)?  Contact Tiara and Patrick, the MBU chairs!  If you’re looking for the contact information for another member of Gamma Theta or about outreaching, contact Erin.  We’ll be updating this website with the office phone number shortly, so if you would prefer to give us a call you can soon! 🙂

Stephen Abeyta, President of Gamma Theta:

Princess-Consuela-Banana Hammock (Alexander Bennett), VP:

Lina Osmundson and John Tran, Pledge chairs:

Stephanie Yu, Fundraising Chair:

Leigha Larsen and Pranathi Durgempudi, Service Chairs:

Tiara Stephan and Patrick Gibbs, MBU Chairs:

Nathan Plattner, Treasurer:

Marie Lankenau, Historian:

Erin Char, PR:

Payton Buhler, Secretary:


Here’s the phone number: 303-492-7648

And the hours people will (most likely) be in the office (UMC room 448):


Hours TBD

Feel free to stop by, it’s always nice to meet new people!