Meet Alpha Phi Omega- Gamma Theta’s Executive Board for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019! They are elected each year (and some by semester) to help run Gamma Theta’s day-to-day operations. Executive Meetings are held Thursdays at 7PM, KOBL 355.


President: Pranathi Durgempudi

Vice President: Paul Kim

Service CoChairs: Tiara Stephan and Eileen Ford

Leadership Chair: Lina Osmundson

Fellowship Chair: Natalie Gonzalez

Treasurer: Layne Poskie

Public Relations Chair: Faith Atkins

Pledge CoChairs: Andrea Staehelin and Adam Rubin

MBU CoChairs: Alec Celecki and Katie Keeton

Membership Chair: Maddie Woolgar

Fundraising Chair: Seth Juris

Secretary: Patrick Gibbs

Historian: Kevin Criley