In 1925 Alpha Phi Omega was founded at Lafayette college in Easton, Pennsylvania by Frank Reed Horton “The Lightbearer” and his buddy, H. Roe Bartle “The Chief.”  Three key principles were established: Be a Leader, Be a Friend, and Be of Service.  The intentions of the founders were to create an environment for people to foster their interests in community and giving their time to people who need it; the four governing fields of service being community, campus, chapter, and nation.  Though called a fraternity, it is neither associated with greek life nor strictly for men to join.  In 1976, the national chapter changed to allow women to join.  Today, Alpha Phi Omega is the largest collegiate fraternity in the United States (shiiit yea!!!) with chapters on 350 campuses nationwide!  The national office is located at 14901 E 42nd street in Independence, Missouri; the current national president is John Ottenad and the vice president is Rob Coop.  Here’s our toast song for the curious:

Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega.

Loyal brothers we.

True to self and to each other.

Firm in loyalty.

Daily working. Daily striving

Ever more to be.

True to Alpha Phi Omega.

Our Fraternity.

Brothers clasp the hands of Brothers

Strong the circle we.

Ever mindful, ever serving

All humanity.

Now we raise our grateful voices.

In our song to thee.

True to Alpha Phi Omega.

May we always be.